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(1810-1866) US author best known for non-fantastic novels like Wild Western Scenes [for subtitle see Checklist] (1841 Baltimore Saturday Visitor; 1841), which did much to establish the literary legend of Daniel Boone (1734-1820), in part through the incorporation of some Tall Tales [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] into the narrative. His sf novel, The Border War: A Tale of Disunion (1859; vt Wild Southern Scenes: A Tale of Disunion! and Border War! 1859; vt Secession, Coercion, and Civil War: The Story of 1861 1861) was a Near Future tale in which the American Civil War is luridly foreseen and depicted from a pro-Slavery standpoint. [JC]

John Beauchamp Jones

born Baltimore, Maryland: 6 March 1810

died Burlington, New Jersey: 4 February 1866



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