Kabakov, Alexander

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(1943-2020) Russian author in whose sf novella, No Return (1990 Iskusstvo Kino as "Nevozvrashchenets"; trans Thomas Whitney 1990 chap), an observer capable of Time Travel up the line reports back to his very Near Future audience that a failure to continue with perestroika will result in a savage Dystopia. [JC]

Alexander Abromovich Kabakov

born Novosibirsk, USSR: 22 October 1943

died Moscow: 18 April 2020


  • No Return (New York: William Morrow, 1990) [chap: first appeared in Iskusstvo Kino in 1990 as "Nevozvrashchenets"; trans Thomas Whitney of this text: hb/Cathie Bleck]


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