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(1963-    ) UK translator, rock musician, playwright and author who began his active career with the Moss Side Write workshop for Black writers; the Ambrose Patterson series of Near Future police thrillers – comprising Lick Shot (1993), Professor X (1995) and Yard Dogs (2001) – is set in a noir Manchester. In Lick Shot, racism is being fomented by a white supremacist group (see Race in SF); Professor X (1995) is about a biological Weapon deadly only to Blacks; Yard Dogs (2001), more conventionally, traces interactions between a murder investigation and Sex. A singleton, Black Star Rising (1998), is an sf novel set on a Spaceship whose dysfunctional software threatens death to the Black crew. Kalu's work, even when its sf elements serve as a kind of background noise, radiates a sense of the world as Cyberpunk: in terms of both nightmare and toolkit. [JC]

Peter Kalu

born Manchester, England: 1963




Ambrose Patterson

  • Lick Shot (London: The X Press, 1993) [Ambrose Patterson: pb/]
  • Professor X (London: The X Press, 1995) [Ambrose Patterson: pb/]
  • Yard Dogs (London: The X Press, 2001) [Ambrose Patterson: pb/]

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