Kennard, Luke

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(1981-    ) UK poet, critic, playwright and author, best known under the initial heading, his first poetry collection, The Solex Brothers (coll 2005 chap), being given an Eric Gregory Award, and his later work also conspicuously recognized. His poems tend to an acerbic surreality, with ghostlike figures occupying quasi-narrative niches, mockingly. Kennard is of sf interest for his first novel, The Transition (2017), set in a Dystopian Near Future London and elsewhere, a world whose anxieties and injustices and perilous imbalance clearly reflect the early twenty-first century world in general. The eponymous "Transition" is a Keep-like retreat, where the tale's protagonists find themselves become goaded fungibles, fuel for the omnipresent engine of late capitalism, for which affront is traffic. But the young folk somehow survive. [JC]

Luke Kennard

born Kingston upon Thames [ie London]: 28 June 1981



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