Kennaway, James

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(1928-1968) Scottish publisher, screenwriter and author best known for such works outside the sf field as Tunes of Glory (1956). His borderline sf novel is The Mind Benders (1963), which applies Mainstream tactics to a story about brainwashing and the psychological consequences of overexposure to experimental conditions of Sensory Deprivation. The book was written from his script for the 1963 film of the same name. [JC]

see also: Psychology.

James Peebles Ewing Kennaway

born Kenwood Park, Auchterarder, Perthshire: 5 June 1928

died car crash: between London and Fairford, Gloucestershire: 21 December 1968


  • The Mind Benders (London: Pan Books, 1963) [tie to his script for the film: pb/]


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