King, Maggie Shen

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(?   -    ) Taiwan-born author, in USA from the age of sixteen, who began to publish work of genre interest with "Ball and Chain" in Asimov's for February 2014. This story is essentially the first chapter of her first novel, An Excess Male (2017), set in a Near Future Dystopian China, whose genuine historical One-Child attempts to control Overpopulation are here extrapolated into the kind of nightmare that those unfriendly to such "initiatives" have described as already shaping Chinese culture. A few years hence, as An Excess Male presents this world, governmental insistence on the One-Child premise has hardened into coercive arrangements designed to handle a plethora of males (the contemporary argument, that there is already an imbalance between the sexes, has been disputed). The complex plot unpacks with some elegance. [JC]

Maggie Shen King





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