Lathrop, George Parsons

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(1851-1898) Hawaiian-born author, in US from childhood; his nonfiction appreciation of Nathaniel Hawthorne, A Study of Hawthorne (1876), and his editing of editions of Hawthorne's work, was perhaps intensified by his marriage to the author's daughter in 1871. Lathrop is of sf interest for "In the Deep of Time" (3 March 1897 English Illustrated Magazine), a novella-length tale written "in Collaboration with Thomas A Edison", in which a young man awakens from Suspended Animation in the year 2200, where he is dazzled by numerous Inventions (see Thomas A Edison for further details). [JC]

George Parsons Lathrop

born Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii: 25 August 1851

died New York: 19 April 1898

works (selected)

  • "In the Deep of Time" (3 March 1897 English Illustrated Magazine) "in Collaboration with Thomas A Edison" [mag/]



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