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Film (1989). Gordon Co./Filmauro. Directed by George P Cosmatos. Written by David Peoples and Jeb Stuart, based on a story by Peoples. Cast includes Richard Crenna, Amanda Pays and Peter Weller. 98 minutes. Colour.

One of several undersea-Alien movies of the period, Leviathan most resembles (and improves on) Deepstar Six (1988), especially in the near-identical finale. In this efficiently scary but routine horror-adventure film, miners at an undersea base discover a sunken Russian submarine which turns out to have been the jettisoned arena for dangerous experiments in genetic manipulation. Two of the miners, infected, mutate into a Shapeshifting Monster of familiar format, like a downmarket cross between the menaces in Alien and the 1982 remake of The Thing. Few survive. [PN]

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