Lost on Earth

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US tv series (1997). USA Network original productions for the USA Television Network. Produced by Mark Nasser, David Salzman, others. Directors included Gary Brown, Paul Fusco and Phil Ramuno. Writers included Wayne Kline and Frank Santopadre. Cast includes Tim Conlon, Stacy Galina, Paul Gleason and Drew Massey (voice only). 13 25-minute episodes. Colour.

At KTEE-TV station, reporter Dave Rudy (Conlon) is nearly fired after making a major mistake on the air; he accepts demotion to become the host of a children's puppet show. There he discovers that Raleigh (Massey) and the other "puppets" are actually Aliens stranded on Earth, and hiding their identities by masquerading as the prop items. David helps the aliens, with support from his girlfriend Sherry Greckin (Galino), business manager for the television station and daughter of its owner George Greckin. It is indicated in the final episode that Raleigh and his friends will be able to successfully leave Earth.

An unsuccessful effort to duplicate the success of ALF (1986-1990), this programme proved a swift failure despite the involvement of Alf's creator Fusco. It was criticized with some justification as having failed to appropriately target either a child or an adult audience. [GSt]


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