Love and Rockets

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US Comic book created in 1981 by the brothers Gilbert (1957-    ), Jaime and Mario Hernandez. #1, self-published, featured a 40pp future-apocalyptic chase-thriller, "BEM", by Gilbert; it introduced tail-chasing supersleuth Castle Radium as well as Luba, a continuing star of much of Gilbert's output. Also in #1 were some short pieces by Jaime; one of these, "Mechan-X", introduced the characters Maggie, Hopey and Rand Race, who featured in #2's 40pp story "Mechanics", which told of a group of prosolar mechanics (essentially, super-repairmen) who are trying to fix a crashed rocket-ship in a primordial jungle. Except for later references to Maggie's prosolar job and a brief strip about a little black girl in outer space ("Rocky"), the sf elements have since disappeared from Love and Rockets – a fact often regarded by the magazine's enthusiasts as being all to the good. Fantagraphics has published Love and Rockets since reprinting #1 in 1982, and also brought out Jaime's "Mechanics" as a three-issue colour comic in 1985. [SW]

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