MacAuley, Robie

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(1919-1995) US author, active as a non-genre story writer from 1947 but almost certainly best known for his first novel, The Disguises of Love (1952). His second, A Secret History of Time to Come (1979), which is sf (see Mainstream Writers of SF), describes in quasi-pastoral terms a balkanized America (see Ruined Earth) some centuries after race conflicts had instigated World War Three; various Ruins-and-Futurity and cultural Amnesia tropes are evoked in a proliferation of overgrown, indecipherable twentieth-century artefacts, until a kidnapping plot takes centre stage. [JC]

Robie Mayhew MacAuley

born Grand Rapids, Michigan: 31 May 1919

died Boston, Massachusetts: 20 November 1995



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