MacInnes, Martin

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(1983-    ) Scottish author whose first novel, Infinite Ground (2016), carries an unnamed Inspector from Dystopian daylight into the heart of darkness (see Joseph Conrad) at the interior of an unnamed South American country in search of one who has disappeared; the surreal mutability of the world being uncovered, which must all the same be taken literally or the tale becomes mechanically arbitrary, evokes a sense of Magic Realism, however dubious that descriptor may seem when exported. Hints of transmundane Biology infect the story. MacInnes's second novel, Gathering Evidence (2020), set in the very Near Future, also deals with invasive suffusions of the world, in this case all-knowing interactive algorithms known as Nests. The married protagonists, separated by thousands of miles, similarly experience a fogging over and diminishment of consensual reality, at the behest, they discover, of exploitative corporations. Nests turn out to be a kind of digital fungus. The old world is eaten. [JC]

Martin MacInnes

born Inverness, Scotland: 1983




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