Margrie, William

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(1877-1960) UK philosopher and author whose Near Future tale, The Story of a Great Experiment: How England Produced the First Superman (1927), dramatizes his conviction that strictly applied Eugenics was required for the Evolution of the human race; unfortunately for women, their central role is to breed better men. A Capitalist Utopia: A Message for Workers, Politicians, and Employers (1929) is a thinly fictionalized reiteration of the same principles; the earlier The Mighty Heart; A Survey of England As It Is and A Vision of What It Might Be (1925), largely a plea for new, strong UK leadership, includes a vision of cooperation between the classes and a purer Britain in which reason replaces Religion. [JC]

William Margrie

born London: 7 April 1877

died London: 9 January 1960



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