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Pseudonym of Austrian-born theatre director, screenwriter and author Gabriel Beer-Hofmann (1901-1971), active from before 1920 in the London scene. As G S Marlowe in the UK and as Gabriel Marlowe in America, he wrote one novel of sf interest, I Am Your Brother (1935), the eponymous sibling being a Monster – a victim of an experiment in Eugenics gone savagely wrong, with an enormous forked tongue and other telling deformities (see Devolution; Horror in SF) – who is imprisoned in his sibling's attic (for Doubles see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy). Some of the stories assembled in Their Little Lives (coll 1938) are horror. He legally changed his name to Gabriel Sebastian Marlowe in 1939. In 1940 he went to Norway and disappeared, presumed at the time to be dead, perhaps because he was Jewish; he never corrected this error. [JC]

Gabriel Sebastian Marlowe

born Austria: 9 January 1901

died St Albans, Hertfordshire: 1971


  • I Am Your Brother (London: Collins, 1935) as G S Marlowe [US edition is signed Gabriel Marlowe: hb/Rex Whistler]
  • Their Little Lives (London: Collins, 1938) as G S Marlowe [coll: hb/A E Barlow]


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