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(?   -?   ) US author of a Utopia, The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants: A Psychic Revelation: by Iros Urides (a Martian) Written Down and Edited by J L Kennon (1922) as by Iros Urides [see also Checklist below], which in lightly fictionalized terms describes an ideal society on Mars, with advanced Technology and Transportation powered by electricity. Authorship of this text, which is copyright Mabel J McKean, has also been credited to J L Kennon.

Though it has not been established that this James Scott Marshall is also the author of 1960 (A Retrospect) (coll 1919 chap; rev vt World of Tomorrow 1954) with Margaret Marshall, this seems likely, and all titles are listed below. [JC]

James Scott Marshall





  • 1960 (A Retrospect) (Los Angeles, California: J F Rowny Press, 1919) with Margaret Marshall [coll: chap: contains some nonfiction: hb/]
    • World of Tomorrow (Chico, California: James Scott Marshall, 1954) with Margaret Marshall [coll: exp vt of the above: pb/]


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