Masson, Richard

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(1943-2013) UK sailor and author whose work was restricted to the Young Adult market. Of sf interest is Boonie (2013), set in a Dystopian Near Future land whose rulers tyrannize those outside the privileged within the City. With its emphasis on the desperate hardscrabble existence of anyone deprived of water in a world where rain no longer falls, the tale enforces a rigorous focus on issues of Ecological devastation, some passages being suitably painful to read. The alliance between the young protagonist and a girl who becomes known as Aqua is described, however, in terms that do not tax the imagination. [JC]

Richard Masson

born London: 11 March 1943

died Cornwall: 19 November 2013

works (highly selected)

  • Boonie (London: Hot Key Books, 2013) [hb/Jet Purdie]


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