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(1914-1983) Indian-born soldier and author, in the UK from an early age; after serving in World War Two, gaining an OBE in 1945, he resigned his commission with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, moved to the US in 1948 and began a series of novels (theoretically thirty-five in number) about British rule in India; the best-known of these is probably Bhowani Junction (1954). Of sf interest are Near Future thrillers like The Breaking Strain (1967), whose storyline traverses much of the northern hemisphere at a very fast clip; The Rock: An Epic (1970), whose fictionalized narrative of the history of Gibraltar reaches into the future; and The Himalayan Concerto: A Novel of Adventure (1976), which treats the Himalayas as a focus point for future international conflicts leading possibly to World War Three. [JC]

Lieutenant-Colonel John Masters, OBE

born Calcutta, India: 26 October 1914

died Albuquerque, New Mexico: 7 May 1983

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