Meeker, Nathan Cook

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(1817-1879) US journalist with the New York Tribune; developer who, backed by his editor Horace Greeley (1811-1872), founded the Union Colony in the Colorado Territory on Utopian lines; and Indian Agent for the federal government, in which capacity he was killed by Utes driven to that extremity by his insistence that they take up farming and observe the Christian Religion; and author. He is of sf interest for his Lost Race tale, Life and Adventures of Capt. Jacob D Armstrong (1852 chap) anonymous; the eponymous explorer is shipwrecked on an undiscovered Island whose naked vegetarian androgenous orange-skinned inhabitants prove no match for Christian missionaries. [JC]

Nathan Cook Meeker

born Euclid, Ohio: 12 July 1817

died Meeker, Colorado: 30 September 1879



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