Meier, Shirley

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(1960-    ) Canadian author and poet who began to publish work of genre interest with "Trave" in the Shared World anthology Magic in Ithkar 4 (anth 1987) edited by Robert Adams and Andre Norton. Her first novel-length works were set in another shared world, the Fifth Millennium Fantasy series initiated by S M Stirling: Meier's contributions begin with The Sharpest Edge (1986; vt Saber and Shadow 1992) with S M Stirling – second in the sequence – and include the solo Shadow's Daughter (1991).

The sf Exodus (2007) with Steve White is a Tie to Starfire (which see), the tactical space combat Wargame; a further solo novel, Shadow of a Soul on Fire (2018), is fantasy. [DRL]

Shirley Meier

born Woodstock, Ontario: 19 April 1960




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