Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix

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UK psychedelic-rock band formed by Michael Moorcock with Graham Charnock and Steve Gilmore, based in Notting Hill, London, and taking its name from Moorcock's story collection The Deep Fix (coll 1966) as by James Colvin. Their album New Worlds Fair (1975), released by United Artists, is set in a Post-Holocaust future and centres on a doomed fairground populated by a ragged bunch of Dystopian characters. Thomas M Disch described it as "portentous". Recorded at various London studios, New Worlds Fair was heavily influenced by Moorcock's association with another West London rock group, Hawkwind – several of whose members feature as guest musicians. Expanded editions with bonus tracks were released in 1995 (Griffin, USA) and 2008 (Esoteric, UK); an alternate version is Roller Coaster Holiday (2004) from the UK Voiceprint Records. [GC/DRL]

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