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US tv series (1988-1991). Laurel Entertainment, Inc. Syndicated. Created by Richard P Rubinstein. Executive producer Richard P Rubinstein. Producers include Michael Gornick, Anthony Santa Croce and Bill Siegler. Directors include Gerald Cott, Ernest Farino, and Bette Gordon. Writers include Michael Bishop, Ron Goulart, Peg Haller, Richard Rubinstein, Robert Sheckley, Dan Simmons, Edithe Swenson and F Paul Wilson. 72 30-minute episodes. Colour.

This low-budget Television Anthology Series was a successor to Tales from the Darkside (1983-1988). Although its focus was on Horror, occasionally with a humorous bent – the framing device has a family of Monsters watching the productions on their own television – many of the stories verged on sf. "The Young and Headless", adapted from W C Morrow's "The Surgeon's Experiment" (15 October 1887 The Argonaut; vt "The Monster-Maker" in The Ape, the Idiot & Other People coll 1897), is about Mad Scientists who successfully replace the heads of living organisms with Computer modules. "Far Below", adapted by Michael McDowell from Robert Barbour Johnson's "Far Below" (June/July 1939 Weird Tales), concerns cannibalistic humanoids who inhabit New York's subway tunnels (see Underground). "The Space-Eaters", based on Frank Belknap Long's "The Space-Eaters" (July 1928 Weird Tales), is about an invading Alien presence that attacks the brains of its victims. Further genre writers whose stories were adapted include Robert Bloch, Stephen King and Manley Wade Wellman. [LW]


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