Moonbase 3

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UK tv serial (1973). BBC TV. Produced by Barry Letts. Script edited by Terrance Dicks. Scriptwriters Dicks and Letts (first episode), and John Brason, John Lucarotti, Arden Winch. Directors Ken Hannam, Christopher Barry. Scientific advisor James Burke, a well known presenter of television popular-science programmes. Cast includes Ralph Bates, Fiona Gaunt, Donald Houston and Barry Lowe. Six 30-minute episodes. Colour.

Set on an enclosed European Moon base in 2003 CE (other nations had set up similar bases), Moonbase 3 concerned a group of Scientists. The usual sensational elements (Aliens, Monsters) were studiously eschewed in favour of psychological problems in the small, claustrophobic community, but the attempt at responsible realism was somewhat dull. [JB/PN]


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