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(?   -    ) US lawyer and author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Change of Command" in Sword and Sorceress VI (anth 1990) edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley, with much of her early work being fantasy of an increasingly demanding nature, as demonstrated by the strong stories assembled in Conscientious Inconsistencies (coll 2008 chap). Changeling (2004 chap) conveys a Feminist argument through the story of a young paraplegic woman convinced she is a changeling from another Dimension caught here, on Earth, in the nightmare of her condition.

Moore's first novel, The Weave (2015), is sf, much of it set in a Starship and involving First Contact, Telepathic contact between otherwise Alien species, a Satirical portrait of a Near Future corporatized Earth, and a mature take on the Colonization of Other Worlds. The human protagonist's name, Caty Sanjuro, signals a martial arts component, which does not dominate. [JC]

Nancy Jane Moore

born Texas



  • The Weave (Seattle, Washington: Aqueduct Press, 2015) [pb/Kathryn Wilham]

collections and stories

  • Changeling (Seattle, Washington: Aqueduct Press, 2004) [novella: chap: in the publisher's Conversation Pieces series: pb/Lynne Jensen Lampe]
  • Conscientious Inconsistencies (Hornsea, East Yorkshire: PS Publishing, 2008) [coll: chap: in the publisher's PS Showcase series: hb/Les Edwards as Edward Miller]


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