Nizet, Marie

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(1859-1922) Belgian author whose only novel, Le Capitaine Vampire (1879; trans Brian Stableford as Captain Vampire 2007), is a Vampire story set in Rumania and in some aspects prefiguring Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897). The tale cycles through its crepuscular world in a manner reminiscent of Jan Potocki's The Manuscript Found at Saragossa (1804-1814), but is perhaps most notable for the savagery with which it depicts the horrors of War. After 1879, Nizet's writing career was destroyed by her marriage. Posthumous fragments of her work brought some acclaim. [JC]

Marie Nizet

born Brussels, Belgium: 19 January 1859

died Etterbeek, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium: 15 March 1922

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