Noto, Cosimo

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(circa 1871-?   ) Italian physician and author, in the US from about 1898 and practicing as a doctor in New Orleans from 1899, alive in 1914; his Utopia, The Ideal City (1903), carries a doctor and his interlocutor from the present-day city to the New Orleans of 1953, which has been transformed on socialist lines deeply influenced by the work of Edward Bellamy. The heart of the book comprises visits to parts of the city most likely to demonstrate the virtues of improved Medicine and an intense application of the principles of good hygiene. Perhaps because of its early date, there is no Eugenics subtext. [JC]

Cosimo Noto

born Italy: circa 1871



about the author

  • James J Kopp. "Cosimo Notos's The Ideal City (1903): New Orleans as Medical Utopia" (1990 Utopian Studies Volume One, Number Two) [p115-122: mag/]


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