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Pseudonym of UK civil servant and author Joshua Albert Flynn (1863-1933), active in various genres, publishing prolifically in magazines, always as by Owen Oliver, from before the end of the nineteenth century; his books, including at least two novels, were nonfantastic. During his lifetime, his work of genre interest was published solely in magazines, the first of these perhaps being "The Man Who Could Not Forget" (10 October 1902 The London Magazine); many later tales appeared in The Yellow Magazine. Oliver's bent was to the spectacular: the inhabitants of the Moon mysteriously exercise control over humans in "The Black Shadow" (February 1903 Cassell's Magazine), the first of many tales to feature Alien Invasions of various sorts. In "Days of Darkness" (April 1927 The London Magazine), total chaos ensues when London is suddenly blacked out by a mysterious force. Days of Doom: Apocalyptic Visions & Unearthly Nightmares (coll 2012) assembles work from throughout his wide output.

Flynn was knighted in 1919. [JC]

Sir Joshua Albert Flynn

born Sheerness, Kent: 15 September 1863

died London: 8 October 1933

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