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(?   -    ) US lawyer and author whose first novel, Everyone Comes from Belterra: When America Owned the Amazon (2009) as Deji Olukotun, is a nonfantastic tale about the rubber industry set in Brazil. The first volume of Nigerians in Space sequence comprising Nigerians in Space (2014) and After the Flare (2017) is also essentially nonfantastic, though it revolves around an attempt to persuade expatriate Nigerian Scientists and technicians to return home in order to prepare for space; but the very Near Future second volume shifts abruptly into sf as a solar flare causes a planetary Disaster as well as threatening the lives of astronauts aboard a Space Station. Any attempt to recover from this state of affairs is itself very soon threatened by Underground movements that imply the birth or rebirth of a living creature within the planet (see Lost Race). The plot, by this point conspicuously Equipoisal, becomes more complex; it may resolve in further volumes. [JC]

Deji Bryce Olukotun





Nigerians in Space

  • Nigerians in Space (Los Angeles, California: Unnamed Press, 2014) [Nigerians in Space: pb/]
  • After the Flare (Los Angeles, California: Unnamed Press, 2017) [Nigerians in Space: pb/]

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