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US tv series (1987). CBS. Cast includes Christine Belford, Patrick Houser, William Lucking, Charles Napier, Richard Roundtree and Rod Taylor. 120-minute pilot plus eleven 60-minute episodes. Colour.

As Sheriff Jonathan Grail (Taylor) chases the four fleeing outlaws of the Pike Gang after a robbery in 1899, all five of them ride into a strange electrical storm, are struck by a lightning bolt, and by this traditional route undergo a Timeslip to Houston, Texas, in the year 1986. Once they realize where and when they are, Grail, himself an ex-gang member, convinces the others – Harland Pike (Lucking), Billy Pike Jr (Houser), Wolfson "Wolf" Lucas (Napier) and Isaiah "Ice" McAdams (Roundtree) – to go straight. Using the money from the robbery, the five buy a ranch and open the Double Eagle Detective Agency. With Weapons and techniques of the past, they set out to solve the crimes the Houston Police Department cannot handle. Present-day cop Deputy Maggie Randall (Belford) lends a hand with some of their cases. [BC/DRL]


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