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(?   -    ) Ceylon [now Sri Lanka]-born soldier, businessman and author, in Australia from 1983, whose Space Opera Hellfort's War sequence, beginning with Hellfort's War: Book 1: The Battle at the Moons of Hell (2007), engages its protagonist Paul Hellfort in various conflict scenarios typical of Military SF in space, the scale of which increases as does his rank. The overall venue – a vast assortment of interstellar powers (see Galactic Empires) in terminal conflict over lebensraum and just governance – is vividly drawn; the characters involved may have room to grow.

A more recent sf venture is the self-published The Guild War sequence, beginning with Vendetta (2012), whose female protagonist abandons youthful excess to set off in the family Spaceship with the intention of avenging her father's murder; this soon brings her into conflict with a ruthless interstellar criminal syndicate. Further volumes are projected. [JC/DRL]

Paul Graham Sharp

born Colombo, Ceylon [now Sri Lanka]




Hellfort's War

The Guild War


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