Peabody, Joel R

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(1800-1861) US apothecary and author, whose A World of Wonders; Or, Divers Developments, Showing the Thorough Triumph of Animal Magnetism in New England (1838) comprises a set of clairvoyant visions of Alien life throughout the solar system, including advanced civilizations on the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter. The concept of alien inhabitants of these venues comes early in Proto SF, where it was much more common, until the opening of the nineteenth century, to people the planets with rudimentarily modified versions of Homo sapiens. The Illustrations, by David Claypoole Johnston, are also remarkable for their period. [JC]

Joel R Peabody

born Topsfield, Massachusetts: 29 November 1800

died Topsfield, Massachusetts: 24 July 1861



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