Piller, Emanuel S

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(1907-1985) US author, US editor, journalist and author, with Leonard Engel, of one of the very first Cold War Future War novels, The World Aflame: The Russian-American War of 1950 (1947), in which America's control of the air – and use of that preponderance in a nuclear first strike – proves insufficient to crush Russia, nor does a subsequent use of Poison gas turn the tide; as World War Three intensifies the Russians soon attack mainland America with nuclear bombs delivered by rockets and the occasional air strike. Both sides eventually turn to biological warfare. The story is written by a newspaperman in 1955, still in the midst of the Holocaust, as a new "five year plan", designed to guarantee victory, is announced. A sombre humaneness invests the final pages. Time Bomb (1945) is a nonfiction analysis of right-wing threats to America after World War Two. [JC]

Emanuel S Piller

born Massachusetts: 21 March 1907

died San Diego, California: 28 June 1985



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