Planet Earth

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Made-for-tv film (1974). ABC Directed by Marc Daniels. Teleplay Gene Roddenberry, Juanita Bartlett. Cast includes Ted Cassidy, Janet Margolin, Diana Muldaur and John Saxon. 75 minutes. Colour.

One of executive producer Roddenberry's several attempts to repeat the success of Star Trek, this pilot for a proposed series – similar in concept to his earlier Genesis II – failed to generate the necessary network enthusiasm. It is sf at its most simplistic. The hero and his companions are revived from Suspended Animation in a tribalized, Post-Holocaust twenty-second century. In a wretchedly strained attempt at contemporary relevance, the party encounters a society of hostile militant women (who keep men as slaves) and, by saving them from dangerous mutants, proves to them that men can be useful. [JB/PN]


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