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(?   -    ) Taiwan-born painter and author, in USA from 1980, most of whose work has been Young Adult fantasy, as are her first series, the Silver Phoenix sequence beginning with Silver Phoenix (2009), and the Kingdom of Xia 2 sequence beginning with Serpentine (2015), which is set in ancient China. She is of sf interest for her third series, the Want sequence beginning with Want (2017), a Young Adult narrative set in a Near Future Taipei plagued by Pollution and other consequences of Climate Change. The rich – as in the contemporary world – have been investing in armoured retreats (see Keeps), medical longevity treatments (see Drugs; Medicine; Immortality). The young protagonist infiltrates a wealthy family with sabotage in mind, but love intervenes, here and, in the sequel Ruse (2019), in Shanghai. [JC]

Cindy Pon

born Taipei, Taiwan.




Silver Phoenix

  • Silver Phoenix (New York: HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books, 2009) [Silver Phoenix: hb/Chris Borgman]
  • Fury of the Phoenix (New York: HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books, 2011) [Silver Phoenix: hb/Ali Smith]

Kingdom of Xia 2

  • Serpentine (Raleigh, North Carolina: Month9Books, 2015) [Kingdom of Xia 2: hb/]
  • Sacrifice (Raleigh, North Carolina: Month9Books, 2016) [Kingdom of Xia 2: hb/Zachary Schoenbaum]


  • Want (New York: Simon Pulse, 2017) [Want: hb/Jason Chan]
  • Ruse (New York: Simon Pulse, 2019) [Want: hb/Jason Chan]


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