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Short-lived (the business had failed by 1953) US Small Press specializing in sf; based in Philadelphia, founded in 1947 by Oswald Train (editorial) and James Williams, along with two fans, Alfred C Prime and Armand E Waldo, who later dropped out. Its first published title was the humorous fantasy The Mislaid Charm (February 1941 Unknown; 1947) by Alexander M Phillips. Several of Prime Press's few titles are of interest, including the first-published books of Lester del Rey, George O Smith and Theodore Sturgeon: respectively, ... And Some Were Human (coll 1948), Venus Equilateral (stories October 1942-November 1945 Astounding; coll of linked stories 1947) and Without Sorcery (coll 1948; cut vt Not without Sorcery 1961). [MJE]

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