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US/UK tv series (1982; vt Mastermind UK). CBS Television Productions for CBS-TV (US), Channel 4 (UK). Created by John Hawkesworth. Produced by Christopher Neame. Directors included Roy Ward Baker, Henry Herbert, and Don Sharp. Writers included William Froug, David Karp and Robert Schlitt. Cast includes Julian Glover, George Innes, Jenny Martin and Sam Waterson. Six 60-minute episodes. Colour.

In 1912 London, eccentric expatriate US Scientist Professor Quentin Everett Deverill (Waterson) faces a number of unusual criminals, acting as a scientific detective somewhat in the manner of Sherlock Holmes. Aided primarily by his assistant Phipps (Innes), Deverill thwarts various crimes involving anachronistic Inventions or Weapons, such as a missile with a nuclear warhead aimed at London. Q.E.D. has been classed by some as Steampunk sf Television. The series was very short-lived, and has since been rarely seen. The episodes were released at least once to the home video market in VHS format as Mastermind. [GSt]


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