Rathbone, St George Henry

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(1854-1938) US author, often of Dime Novels under many names, including Phil and his Torpedo Boat; Or, a Terrible Cruise under the Ocean (1890) as Harry St George, in which a maelström drags young Phil and his ship down into Underground caverns full of Monsters; they debouch at the North Pole, which is clement and islanded. Rathbone then published under his own name A Goddess of Africa: A Story of the Golden Fleece (1897), whose multiple protagonists (after the Jules Verne model) search for a Lost World full of treasure (in the H Rider Haggard model). Inter alia, British colonial practices (see Imperialism) are praised. Bar Sinister: A Tale of Love and Adventure (1897) and An American Nabob: A Remarkable Romance of Love, Gold and Adventure (1902) are similar. In Buffalo Bill's Air Voyage; Or, Fighting Redskins from a Balloon (circa 1905 Buffalo Bill Stories; 1913), the Invention of a powerful dirigible (see Airships; Balloons) allows Bill and Wild Bill Hickock to tease Native Americans by destroying their game from the air. [JC]

St George Henry Rathbone

born Covington, Kentucky: 26 December 1854

died Newark, New Jersey: 16 December 1938



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