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US downloadable Online Magazine published and edited by Michael E Ray and Paul Clemmons, Decatur, Alabama; it has appeared monthly since June 2010. Although it is an SFWA qualifying market, meaning that it pays full professional rates, the magazine still looks basic and unprepossessing, with limited artwork; the stories by better known writers, such as Cory Doctorow and Ken MacLeod, have been reprints. The new stories, though, are also of good quality with good ideas and would benefit from better presentation. "Like a Hawk in its Gyre" (February 2011 #9) by Philip Brewer delivers a soft but effective punch in portraying a future that's not all it seems. "The Hubbard Continuum" (March 2011 #10) by Lavie Tidhar is a satisfyingly recursive Time Travel tale. Redstone has considerable potential and, with better production values it could become a major contender. It should not be confused with the Australian horror magazine, Redsine. [MA]


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