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Pseudonym of David Michael Heptonstall (1943-    ), UK author of two sf novels for Robert Hale Limited, The Eternity Merchants (1981), a Space Opera, and The Five Doors (early version as by Michael Stall in New Writings in SF 23, anth 1973, ed Kenneth Bulmer; exp 1981), whose "doors" (the first of which appears on Earth) are a succession of Stargates to other planets. The Michael Stall pseudonym is obviously derived from the author's real name. [JC]

see also: Matter Transmission.

David Michael Heptonstall

born 1943



  • The Eternity Merchants (London: Robert Hale Ltd, 1981) [hb/]
  • The Five Doors (London: Robert Hale Ltd, 1981) [early version first appeared as by Michael Stall in New Writings in SF 23 (anth 1973) edited by Kenneth Bulmer: hb/]


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