Rock, James

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Almost certainly the pseudonym of US inventor and author Clinton A Patten (?   -?   ), who patented his design for a monorail in 1893, and in whose name Thro' Space (1909) is copyrighted. "James Rock" tells his own story: a neighbour's Invention of an Antigravity substance allows the two to undertake a Fantastic Voyage, first to Paris, then to the Moon, whose crocodile-like inhabitants survive by eating rock. After a sojourn back on Earth, the two travel in their Spaceship to Venus, whose inhabitants have long enjoyed a Utopian existence powered by electricity, which allows advanced forms of Transportation. After a failed romance, Rock is deposited back on Earth to resume married life. [JC]

Clinton A Patten




  • Thro' Space (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Druggist Publishing Company, 1909) [hb/uncredited]


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