Rosny jeune, J-H

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Pseudonym of Belgian author Séraphin Justin François Boëx (1859-1948); in the form "J-H Rosny" this pseudonym was initially used by his elder brother, Joseph-Henri-Honoré Boëx (see J-H Rosny aîné), and was subsequently shared by both brothers 1893-1907: only after that date did Joseph-Henri-Honoré Boëx use the form J-H Rosny jeune. His interest in sf was very much less intense than his older brother's, and it seems unlikely that he had anything to do with the sf published as by J-H Rosny during the years of collaboration. Le Destin de Marin Lafaille ["The Fate of Marin Lafaille"] (1945), an apparent homage to his elder brother's vision, lacks energy. [JC]

Séraphin Justin François Boëx

born Brussels, Belgium: 21 July 1859

died Ploubazlanec, Cotes-due-Nord, France: 21 July 1948



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