Roycraft, Jaye

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(?   -    ) US author of Raincraft (2005), a noirish detective romance whose young protagonist, sent to a new planet, finds her Telepathic powers both useful and potentially deadly (as they mime the powers of humanity's loathed foes); in the Che Kincade sequence comprising Half Past Hell (2012) and Hell's Warrior (2012), which features different protagonists, Vampires and humans attempt to maintain an uneasy peace, but murder and treachery come close to ending the truce. [JC]

Jaye Roycraft





Che Kincade

  • Half Past Hell (no place given: ImaJinn Books, 2012) [Che Kincade: pb/]
  • Hell's Warrior (no place given: ImaJinn Books, 2012) [Che Kincade: pb/]

individual titles

  • Raincraft (no place given: ImaJinn Books, 2005) [pb/]


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