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(?   -    ) US screenwriter and author whose Young Adult Zenn Scarlett sequence comprising Zenn Scarlett (2013) and Under Nameless Stars (2014) focuses on the eponymous teenager, whose love of adventure and practical Xenobiology inspires her to become an "exoveterinarian" in a large Zoo on Mars. It is not certain what criteria are applied to distinguish "her" Aliens from self-determining creatures like Homo sapiens. The second volume of the series takes place outside the solar system [JC]

Christian Schoon

born Minnesota: 23 December [year not known]




Zenn Scarlett

  • Zenn Scarlett (New York: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2013) [Zenn Scarlett: pb/Steven Meyer-Rassow]
  • Under Nameless Stars (New York: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2014) [Zenn Scarlett: pb/Steven Meyer-Rassow]


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