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(?   -    ) US author whose fiction has been restricted to short forms; he began to publish work of genre interest with "Numbers" in Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History (anth 2014) edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older. Much of his work is set in the (fictional) town of Cross River, Maryland, founded in the early nineteenth century after a successful slave revolt (see Race in SF) [for Polder see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. An aura of Fantastika, generally unspecific, marks the tales and fables contained in Insurrections: Stories (coll of linked stories 2016) The Cross River stories assembled as The World Doesn't Require You (coll of linked stories 2019) include at least one Robot tale, and others that come close to exploding Scott's chosen venue. [JC]

Rion Amilcar Scott


Washington, District of Columbia,




Cross River

collections and stories

  • 202 Checkmates (no place given: Electric Literature, 2016) [novelette: chap: ebook: na/]


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