Sher, Antony

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(1949-    ) South African-born actor and author, mostly in UK from 1968; of his four novels, The Feast (1998) incorporates sf elements into a complexly Equipoisal narrative set in an unnamed Near Future African state after its brutal dictator has been deposed and (seemingly) killed. This profound disruption to the reality structure of the fragile state causes literal convulsions in the Perception of reality, which sometimes oppresses with a Magic Realist clarity, but sometimes turns into versions of the protagonist's own haunted visions and memories (direct and indirect) of a century gone bad. Sher was knighted in 2000. [JC]

Sir Antony Sher

born Cape Town, South Africa: 14 June 1949


works (highly selected)

  • The Feast (London: Little, Brown and Company, 1998) [hb/]


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