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(1955-2018) US illustrator, Comics artist, filmmaker and author whose one sf novel is Alien Plague (1979) as by Stephard Noir, in which a medical Disaster is sourced to the Outer Planets. Under his own name, he is best known for an sf Satire framed as a photo-documentary, The Extraterrestrial Report: The First Fully Documented Account Exposing the Awful Danger from Beyond (graph 1978) with John H Butterfield, which spoofs various Paranoias, including UFO "sightings". The nonfiction Alien Creatures (graph 1978) with Jean-Claude Suarés surveys Aliens in written sf, Cinema, Comics and Television, reproducing many stills, posters, comics covers and so forth.

More recently, from 2005 to 2007, Siegel contributed several sf and sf-like spoofs to the Weekly World News. His film work includes the short Space Opera spoof Smash Moron, Intergalactic Dolt (2005) directed and co-written by Siegel – a "serial" in twelve one-minute episodes – and the original story and screenplay for the Zombie/serial killer horror movie Shadow: Dead Riot (2006) directed by Derek Wan. [JC/DRL]

Richard Siegel II

born Los Angeles, California: 27 May 1955

died June 2018



  • Alien Creatures (Los Angeles, California: Reed Books/Addison House, 1978) with Jean-Claude Suarés [nonfiction: graph: pb/]
  • Fantastic Planets (Danbury, New Hampshire: Reed Books/Addison House, 1979) with David Owen and Jean-Claude Suarés [nonfiction: graph: photos from Cinema and Television sf: hb/]


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