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(?   -    ) US mental health therapist and author for the Young Adult market; her Article 5 sequence, comprising Article 5 (2012), Breaking Point (2013) and Three (2014), is set in a Dystopian Near Future America so devastated by unspecified Disasters that it has become a Ruined Earth, with the privileged confined in Keeps and the outlaws hunted in the wilderness beyond. A rigid Christian fundamentalism (see Religion; Women in SF) governs all behaviour. The young protagonists, one of them theoretically a non-person because she was born out of wedlock, are in love; and are interdicted; but an underground organization in the wilderness promises renewal. [JC]

Kristen Simmons

born Reno, Nevada.




Article 5

  • Article 5 (New York: Tor Teen, 2012) [Article 5: hb/Nekro]
  • Breaking Point (New York: Tor Teen, 2013) [Article 5: hb/Nekro]
  • Three (New York: Tor Teen, 2014) [Article 5: hb/Nekro]

individual titles

  • The Glass Arrow (New York: Tor Teen, 2014) [pb/Chris Gibbs]
  • Metaltown (New York: Tor Teen, 2016) [pb/Chris Gibbs]
  • Pacifica (New York: Tor Teen, 2018) [pb/Chris Gibbs]


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