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Pseudonym of UK author Donald Ryder Stephens (1898-1983) whose sf novel, Mother-in-Law India (1930), depicts a Near Future world in which the British Empire is cracking apart due to Britain's socialist government's foolish promise to give India her freedom (see Imperialism; Politics), opening the road to miscegenation (see Race in SF), a fate worse than death that is averted in Sinderby's earlier nonfantastic The Jewel of Malta (1927), when young Kamayala enters a nunnery to save her white, titled lover. But here it is not so simple. Several quarrelsome autonomous states are soon established, though intermarriage becomes rife, and before they are allowed to wage War on one another, a concordat of European powers intervenes to restore order. [JC]

Donald Ryder Stephens

born 11 September 1898

died 22 November 1983

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