Skelton, Robin

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(1925-1997) UK-born poet and author, in Canada from 1962, who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Angel" in 1984 (magazine not identified). He was extremely prolific both as a poet and academic. Of sf interest is Fire of the Kindred (1987), a Prehistoric SF tale set at time just before the matriarchal world depicted (see Feminism; Women in SF) is about be forcibly supplanted. In his depiction of the earlier culture, Skelton movingly focuses on Linguistics, with women using a fatally concrete language, in which every individual part of the world is named, clearly less capable of shifting the earth than the abstract world-manipulating tongue of the men who conquered. Skelton himself was a professed Wiccan. [JC]

Robin Skelton

born Easington, Yorkshire: 12 October 1925

died Victoria, British Columbia: 27 August 1997

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