Sketchley, Martin

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(1967-    ) UK author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Morals Profane" for Xenos #30 in April 1995. His principal sf achievement is the effectively written Delgado/Structure trilogy, comprising The Affinity Trap (2004), The Destiny Mask (2005) and The Liberty Gun (2006). This opens on a Dystopian future Earth whose unpleasant military dictatorship is opposed by the flawed Antihero protagonist Delgado. The narrative takes the form of successive Military SF capers and skirmishes (with perhaps over-many firefights), complicated by offbeat and transformative Sex with a member of one near-humanoid Alien species, Time Travel, Cyborg warriors, Invasion by a second race of warlike aliens whose multiple forms include Shapeshifters, and the entanglement of one version of Delgado in a Time Loop escapable only by self-sacrifice. Sketchley contributed a regular column and occasional author interviews to the British Science Fiction Association's newsletter Matrix, 2001-2006. [DRL]

Martin Sketchley

born Tamworth, Staffordshire: 1967






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