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(?   -    ) Scottish playwright, several of whose plays edge into the fantastic, including Human Animals (performed 2016; 2016), where the Ecological crises created by Homo sapiens are seen through an unconcerted but threatening Invasion of urban areas by wildlife. Of more direct sf interest is Girl in the Machine (performed 2017; 2017), in which mandatory micro-transponders implanted beneath the skin turn humans into transactable fungibles, while giving them hopes of inhabiting Virtual Realities more tolerable than the world outside. [JC]

Stef Smith



works (highly selected)

  • Human Animals (London: Nick Hern Books, 2016) [play first performed 16 May 2016 Royal Court Theatre Upstairs: pb/]
  • Girl in the Machine (London: Nick Hern Books, 2017) [play: first performed April 2017 Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland: pb/]


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